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No sleeping, this is important!

What is the Green Deal?

The ins and outs are a bit complicated, but hopefully below puts it into an easy to understand way. If you want further information on this, just let me know and I can at least relay what I know.

The Green Deal is the Government’s flagship initiative to increase the energy efficiency of domestic and non-domestic properties throughout the UK. It is set to commence and be in place between October 2012 and January 2013.

The aim of the Green Deal is to improve the energy efficiency of more than 14 million homes by 2020 which is estimated to create more than 250,000 new jobs.

The Green Deal will allow energy firms to provide domestic and non-domestic customers with a range of property improvements which will increase energy efficiency and reduce heating costs. Green Deal Providers who include the likes of: B&Q, E.ON, and British Gas, will provide robust, quality work to people’s homes and businesses, at no upfront capital cost.

The costs incurred by making these improvements, will be recouped through instalments on a property owner’s energy bill over a number of years. The Green Deal is not an advance payment or personal loan and therefore no obligation moves with the property owner should they move. The “golden rule” of the Green Deal will ensure that the predicted savings from making the energy improvements must equal or exceed the cost of the installation. An assessment will be carried out on a homeowner’s property, with options of a range of relevant measures presented. Once all the details are confirmed, the installation will then take place and the customer will pay for the measure through their energy bills.

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